Juliet D'cruz

Wealth Management: Is An Online Investment Advisor The Right Choice For You?

Money is so crucial. It motivates us, helps us keep the hustle on, fulfills our financial goals, and what else not! We all love growth in our lives. Since our childhood, we have heard that earning a decent salary is crucial. But nobody told us how to manage the wealth earned. 

Wealth management is a habit that all of us should practice. It takes years to generate wealth, but it just takes a few minutes to lose it all, at once, if not appropriately managed.  

What is Wealth Management?

Wealth management is a discipline that helps us to invest our saved income in different investment avenues. It helps us to do proper structuring of our money invested so that we can protect our wealth

Wealth consists of all the accumulation of valuable economic resources. Everything you have created is wealth, from your salary, bank account balance, real estate investments made to the shares in your Demat account. 

Earlier, people used to consider wealth management not crucial. Most people make this mistake; they hustle to earn but do not manage their money. Traditionally, people keep their savings blocked in a bank account to keep it safe and accessible when needed. Fund investment online was the last use option.  

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But as the old saying says – “save to invest, don’t save to save”~ Grant Cardone.

We know having apt financial knowledge is tough. Not everyone understands the market enough to know where to invest, diversify the risk, and fetch good returns from the invested money. Hence, wealth managers or investment advisors extend their financial knowledge to you and can rationally help you invest your hard income. 

After the era of Covid, when things were shut, markets were closed, institutions, offices, premises were all empty, things moved online. 

The world witnessed a massive shift from offline to online. Every single product and service was now available on the web. Everything went online from expert consultants to professional advice from the doctors to corporate zoom/skype interaction with employees. 

Is online investment advisory worth it? 

Online is not a new trend, from keeping shares in Demat accounts and not in physical form certificates has been done for a decade. We all are pretty much familiar with online banking. And since we are so used to it, now we opt to avail every service online rather than going to the banks physically since everything is quick, from KYC to account opening, to money transfer and what else not! 

Every sector is smoothly working online—especially the financial industry. 

If you face a serious illness, would you reach out to your friends or local pharmacy, or would you instead seek a doctor’s advice to cure the issue as soon as possible? 

An expert’s advice can never be compared with anything lesser than that, especially when it comes to the guidance related to investment. Suppose you invest all your money in a sector/firm suggested by your acquaintance or friend, and in some period, that sector/firm collapses. Worse will be that rather than fetching good returns, you cannot get back the money invested. 

Opt for an online investment Advisory rather than scheduling face-to-face meetings, investing time, and balancing your busy life schedule. 

Bucket benefits served by online investment:

Online investment advisory offers different perks and benefits and is super safe at the same time. Here are some of the benefits you will get: 

  • Access to expert advice. 
  • A one-on-one conversation with the professional. 
  • Rational wealth management
  • Diversification of the risk. 
  • Investment through expert’s recommendations. 
  • Comprehensive planning. 
  • Hassle-free process. 
  • Time-saving process. 
  • Professionals provide educated decisions. 
  • Optimum financial planning. 
  • Help minimize the unsystematic risk involved.

And the list goes on and on!

The online advisory is safe and straightforward. The Investor can communicate their long-term and short-term goals, risk appetite, and future vision, and accordingly, the wealth manager will make your portfolio. 

Taking decisions from experts minimizes the risk involved in the investment and will help our wealth grow safely. Not only this, but the online investment process gives you access to authentic and valid financial knowledge. Not everyone can know the financial market, market trends, the fundamentals of companies, and knowledge regarding different sectors and their ups and downs consisting of all the upgrades and degradation in the sector. Hence, online investment is the best decision one can take. 


Wealth management helps you to increase your net worth gradually. It clears the path by imparting sensible financial advice. Seeking expert advice or rendering wealth management services has never been so quick, simple, and safe. 

Online Investment is accessible for everyone. Make the most of it! 

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