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Pravasi Welfare Fund


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The government of Kerala has initiated a unique scheme for Kerala people living outside India. The Pravasi Welfare Fund scheme introduced by the Government of Kerala is meant for the lower and middle-income group of people working out of the country that faces many issues during their period in foreign countries especially in Gulf countries because Keralites constitute the largest part of Indian community in Gulf region. 


The Pravasi Welfare Fund offers a number of benefits and it is a one stop scheme for Non-resident Keralites to connect with the government of Kerala. A board constituted by the Kerala state government, The Kerala Non-resident Keralites Welfare Board, an agency constituted by the Government of Kerala oversees entire operation of Pravasi Welfare Fund Benefits. 


More than 250,000 people have registered in this scheme started in 2018. This multipurpose photo ID Card issued by NORKA Roots comes with an Add- on Personal Accident Insurance coverage of maximum Rs two lakhs. 

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Pravasi Welfare Fund Scheme Benefits

Pravasi Welfare Fund offers a number of benefits to its members. Non-Resident Indians located elsewhere would receive a sum of Rs 2,000 for a monthly contribution of Rs.100. The pensions could be availed at the age of 60, until which the contributions must be made regularly. A 3% bonus is offered for regular remittance for a period of five years.

Other Benefits to Members

  •  Family pension to the member of the family who has contributed for a period of minimum 5 years.
    ·    Financial assistance to the member in case of an accident
    ·         Provision for financial assistance for treatment of minor and major illness
    ·         Financial assistance for the marriage of daughters of the members
    ·         Maternity benefit to women members.
    ·         Cash loan to members for the construction of own house and purchase of house plot
    ·         Education loan to the children of members
    ·         Assistance for self employment
    ·         Financial assistance to incapacitated members due to physical disability
     ·         Investment assistance in co operative societies or institutions constituted under  the act of government.

 Card Eligibility

  • The beneficiary of the scheme should be a person of Kerala
  • Applicant should be above 18 years
  • Should be residing or working abroad with a passport and visa with at least 6 months validity
  • Should not be beneficiary of state and central government pension schemes. 

 Pravasi Card Validity
The validity of Pravasi Welfare ID Card is 3 Years. 

Documents Required for Pravasi Fund Registration

There are some documents which are required to apply for Pravasi Welfare Fund (Pravasi Kkshemanidhi Board).The lists of documents are below.

  • Copies of Passport ( First and Address Pages)
    ·         Copy of Visa/Ikkama/Work Permit/Residence Permit/Job Offer
    ·         4 Passport size photographs
    ·         Registration fees INR 315 per card

How to Renew Pravasi ID Card

Card holders can apply for renewal of his/her Pravasi card from three months in advance. You can submit your renewal form duly filled along with required documents and proof of renewal fees deposited.

Pravasi Fund Online Registration:

The prcosess of Pravasi Fund online registration is simplified to attract more pravasi malayalees. To register Pravasi ID Card online please visit the official website of Kerala Pravasi Welfare Fund given below. You can also check the status of your pravasi fund regsitration status online.

Payment Subscription Online
To register for Pravasi ID Card online please visit the official website of Kerala Pravasi Fund Payment Online 

Check Online Registration Status

Online Pravasi ID Card Link

Pravasi Welfare Fund Registration Forms

Norka Pravasi Welfare Fund Registration forms can be downloaded from the below link 

Pravasiwelfare Online Payment

Pravasi Welfare Fund provides online payment remittance. You can check the below link of for Pravasi welfare Online Payment. onlinepayment link

Pravasi Welfare Refund 

As Per Pravasi Welfare Fund Policy once the user is registered and paid the fees through online mode, the members will not able to cancel the transaction. No Payment will be refunded to the member under any circumstances.

Pravasi Welfare Fund Loans

To provide loans under Pravasi Welfare Fund , the board has created a Relief Fund for providing housing loans to regular members after 5 years. Pravasi  welfare fund loans can be used for the construction of houses, purchase of land with building, renovation etc.

Pravasi Fund Educational Loan

The children of the members of the welfare fund who have remitted the contribution at least for two years continuously are eligible for an educational grant for higher studies. Educational courses loans are available for courses from ITI/ITC to PG courses and professional courses.

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Pravasi Welfare Fund Loan Interest Rate

Pravasi Welfare Fund loans do not have a fixed interest rate. The board may decide the rate of interest and also empowered to provide the loan interest-free for self-employment purposes. But the interest-free loan scheme will not be applicable if the members have already obtained housing loans /self-employment loans under any other schemes.

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