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Story of Deepak Thathera, a visionary entrepreneur living in the village


Deepak Thathera also known as digital Deepak recently published his book ‘Careers in Digital Marketing’ and that too at free of cost, as according to Deepak he wants everyone especially digital marketing enthusiastic to dig deeper into the digital world. 

Highly regarded on digital front Deepak Thathera is a hugely connected and highly influential entrepreneur. Deepak Thathera, synonymously known as Digital Deepak, is a Rajasthan based personality, well known for his digital marketing skills. 

He completed his higher studies in Kota and paved his way towards professional career for a better tomorrow. He wanted to create his own brand name, thus he quit his first lucrative job as Utkarsh Classes as a Digital Marketing Executive, knowing that it wasn’t an easy thing to do. However, today he is an entrepreneur, and an author. 

Worthless to say today, he is successful, thriving, and growing. If you are looking to widen your digital marketing knowledge you can contact Deepak, proving the words right ‘’ A tree laden with fruits bows down’’.

Not everyone has the opportunity to choose their future and live their life as they like. We make plans, but life has different ideas about what we should do. Deepak wanted to work in the technical field, but due to family pressure, he had to choose biology and graduated from Jodhpur with a B.sc in 2019. 

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Deepak, a technology enthusiast, had always aspired to be a well-known name in the field, and as a result, certain forces channeled his energy and propelled him to his current position as a top Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, and successful author. 

No need to mention that Deepak is still unsatisfied with his current position because his goals are more important to him than making money. 

He wants to start an E Indian Media Digital Marketing Agency and give free Digital Marketing Courses to needy and interested students. 

As it appears, Deepak’s life is not simple; he is constantly striving for more success till he realizes his ambition of becoming a successful entrepreneur and individual.

Let Us Wrap It Up with a beautiful note

Deepak is currently the Digital MARKETING Manager at Ikeda Private Ltd., a well-known entrepreneur, and has released his book Careers in Digital Marketing, an attempt to educate Digital Skills to those interested in following in his footsteps. Deepak wishes to see many young computer enthusiasts convert into top-notch Digital Marketers and entrepreneurs, thus this book is available for free.

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