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Common Questions Asked About The Title IX

Most of the universities and schools have Title IX committees in the institution itself so that no incidents like sexual misconduct, sexual discrimination, etc would go unnoticed. If the college authority fails to address the Title IX issues then the federal funding that the institution is receiving gets denied and institutions have to face some serious issues. Most students who are unaware have so many questions about Title IX. Here in this blog, we will answer the same. But first thing first.

What Is Title IX?

Basically, Title Ix is the law issued by the United States government where no person or student in the country can be treated differently on the basis of their gender or sex. The law is applicable in all the learning programs in the country.

These programs in schools and colleges received funding from the federal government so if the student authority failed to provide justice to students then they could be denied from receiving funds. However, many people often get curious when it comes to Title IX so to put a stop to all of their curiosity we are listing out some common questions about Title IX.

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Question-Related To Title IX

There are various questions related to Title IX such as:

  1. Who Can File Title IX?

Any student who came across any kind of activities such as sexual misconduct, discrimination based on gender, sexual assault, etc can file their complaint under the act Title IX. Anyone can file the complaint in the Title IX case, it is not at all necessary for only the victim to file a case, parents of the victim can also reach out to the Title IX authority of the school.

  1. What is Meant By Protected Class?

In the Title IX complaint case, a protected class is defined as a group of individuals who get special attention and security in the administration so they won’t face any kind of racial discrimination in learning programs.

  1. Is Title IX Only Limited to Learning Programs like School and Colleges?

Basically, Title IX is available in all kinds of learning programs whether it is a local school, private school, art school, museum, etc. However, the different schools have different policies to deal with Title IX cases.

  1. What Are the Consequences of Title IX Accusations?

Sexual misconduct is a serious offense, if found guilty it not damages the career of a student but also leaves the mark on the profile which will affect their chance of landing a decent job.

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