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Deepak Thathera, who made his dreams come true despite the difficulties in the village


Among the pioneers of Digital Marketing, Deepak Thathera has been essential for the Internet Industry since his youth informally and presently formally as a Digital Marketing Manager at Ikeda Private Limited. 

Deepak has effectively got many additions with his name an entrepreneur, a creator, top advanced advertiser, many more. Deepak is quite possibly the most pursued Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer. 

The Long Way covered and still to go… 

Not every person can design their future and carry on with their lives the way they want. We decide, yet life has different designs for us. 

Deepak needed to seek after his vocation in specialized field, yet nonetheless; because of family pressure he needed to pick science and finished his B.sc in 2019 from Jodhpur. 

Deepak a tech energetic consistently needed to be a famous name in the field of innovation and consequently there were sure powers that diverted his energy and brought him here as a top Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, and an effective creator. 

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Phases of life 

Deepak was a sharp spectator of day-by-day buzz identified with innovation, he would use to watch You Tube recordings consistently, a propensity that is still with me, and as indicated by him will consistently be with him. 

He zeroed in on recordings that would assist him with acquiring information on Digital Marketing and approaches to procure from that. 

He began his professional life as a Digital Marketer at Utkarsh Classes; anyway, that was not the breaking point. 

Deepak before long went into the outsourcing scene and finished a few activities like that of You Tube Channel Handling, Social Media Handler, Influencer Marketing, Voiceover, and notwithstanding to say there was not really any region left in the computerized world that he left. 

Leaving regular work and work as a specialist was not a simple choice and commending his family was not a simple undertaking, but rather he took risk, and picked what he cherished. 

Deepak Thathera Success Story 

Today, as of now Deepak is an eminent entrepreneur, and heading towards his book Careers in Digital Marketing, a drive to help Digital Skills to goes seeking to continue his ways. 

With respect to mankind this book is free as Deepak needs to see numerous youthful tech sweethearts changing into first rate Digital Marketers and entrepreneurs.

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