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Top Strategies to Gain 10K Likes on Instagram within a week


We regularly receive a lot of queries related to Instagram growth, but the question which asked most of the users is – “how to receive more likes on Instagram”? And fair enough; because everyone wants massive engagement and more reach of their posts. 

With having more than 1 billion active users, Instagram now becomes one of the top-rated and highly popular social media networks which started as a photo-sharing application and now turns into an online marketplace. If you look a few years back, then you will found that Instagram is not a favorite choice among social media users, but now the whole scenario changes. Together with users, Instagram has also become the perfect social media platform for businesses and brands. 

For a new user, it is highly difficult to receive desired engagement on their Instagram account and that’s why most times they failed in achieving something big from this highly engaging platform. But, don’t worry; we are back with a few important tips which help you in gaining free Instagram likes and massive engagement on your account. 

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Share High-Quality Images

The importance of having high-quality images is often underestimated by most users. No one will enjoy your photos if it’s grainy, pixilated, or too dark! Similarly, if you use too many distinct Instagram fonts or try to cram too much content and imagery into a limited space, your followers will not appreciate it.

No prior experience as a photographer or graphic designer is required to post quality images. Your posts quality can be improved by updating your camera, sitting near a window for better lighting, or paying more attention to your compositions. This is all part of the process of how to get quality images and acquire more Instagram likes. 

Write Engaging Captions

Your caption must be as fascinating, entertaining, or valuable as the high-quality image uploaded by you. Avoid one-word or one-sentence captions and instead, aim to inspire and elicit emotion by narrating a story, sharing a candid statement, providing actionable suggestions, or creating a feeling through humor, nostalgia, or inspiration. When your audience can relate to your message, they are more likely to leave a like or a remark on your post.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself and share everything with your audience, as this is a key aspect in getting free Instagram followers

Use CTAs

Your audience doesn’t know what you are expecting from them that’s why you need to tell them your expectations. You can add a call to action with your caption asking for a like or comment. This will help you in gaining more engagement as well as like in your post. 

Just attach a line at the end of your caption that says “like this post if you agree” or “leave a like if you’ve experienced this before”, etc. to get likes on your post. 

Like and Comment on Others Post

Want to know how to acquire more Instagram likes? You must provide something to others if you want something from them. It’s important to spend time engaging with people if you’d like to boost your engagement. In addition to showing your support for someone by liking and commenting on their posts, this encourages them to check out your feed and give you some likes in return. 

Regular engagement with others helps you in enhancing the Instagram algorithm. If you are not interacting with others, you’ll find it hard to grow on Instagram and receive free Instagram followers. 

Use Instagram Stories

As of now, Instagram stories have more than 500 million active users on daily basis globally which means stories can play an important role in enhancing your reach. In addition to attracting a larger audience, using stories can also boost traffic on your posts as well as help you in gaining free Instagram likes.

This may be performed by simply sharing your recent post on your stories and encourage your audience to check it out! Use a swipe-up link or @mention yourself so that they may follow you as easily as possible from the post.


So there you have 5 different strategies to get the answer to your question – how to acquire more likes on Instagram? You can simply implement these techniques to get free Instagram likes on daily basis. Remember, if you want more likes on Instagram then you need to maintain consistency. For more, you can visit GetInsta

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