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Ways to Invest in Gaming Industry

Many years ago, gaming was previously thought to be a past-time activity. Children would usually pester their parents to purchase the latest gaming console of their time. This purchase would then be followed by the scouting and buying of the latest games and console accessories. Once the child has grown into an adult, they would usually leave their console to gather dust at their parent’s house. But things have changed. The 4th industrial revolution has catapulted gaming technology and that resulted in the exponential growth of the competitive gaming industry. In 2021, Accenture released a report that valued the gaming industry at over $300 billion with the figure forecasted to increase over the next few decades. Thankfully, this is something that the average investor can also partake in so let’s explore the ways to invest in the gaming industry

  1. Investing in Gaming Companies Stocks

There are a number of gaming stocks that are available on the stock market. One example is Nintendo. Nintendo is a video game company that is well-known for producing handheld consoles and interactive gaming consoles such Nintendo Wii and Game Boy. Nintendo’s long history of producing quality video games, has built credibility among investors. At the time of writing, Nintendo’s stock price is at $64.22. Sony is also another example of a successful company that has produced industry-leading video games with its famous PlayStation gaming console. However, there are a few new kids on the gaming block, such as Epic Games. Created in 1991, Epic Games is a video game creator, developer and publisher that specializes in battle royale games. Its recent success has been Fortnite, a battle royal game that has emerged as a worldwide smash-hit among the millennials. Fortnite: Battle Royale became a trailblazer within the gaming industry, as developers followed a similar format of interactive gaming. These qualities will continue to lead Epic Games in a successful direction. However, Epic Games is still a private company, meaning that there is no public stock available for the investor to buy. Potential investors of Epic Games will have to buy stock of companies that own it such as Sony and KIRKBI. Invest in video game stocks such as the stocks Epic Games.

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  1. Esports

Electronic sports, widely known as “Esports”, is an industry in which skilled gamers play electronic games at a competitive level. The Esports industry has experienced exponential growth, with United States Esports viewers expected to grow to 31.4% in 2023.

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Much of the commercial appeal of Esports has been the social and livestreaming aspect that is prevalent. This allows spectators from anywhere in the world, to watch the best players in the world play their favorite games. Esports will continue to increase in appeal as gaming technology develops and improves. So how does the average investor participate in this booming sector? The first and easiest method is buying Esport stocks. A few well-known Esport stocks are Activision Blizzard, Tencent Holdings and Take-Two Interactive. These are companies that are large participants in the Esport industry, owning livestream platforms, creating Esport leagues and pioneering the creation of new games. They are listed in notable stock exchanges such NYSE, adding to their credibility. Investors who want a greater return may consider investing in an individual Esport team. This would entail finding an Esport team and approaching them to invest by offering financial support, in exchange for ownership or whatever the agreement is. This may have greater potential as the team may experience commercial success. However, investing in an individual Esport team may pose a greater risk as the team may not prove to be successful.

Whether you choose to buy gaming company stocks or invest in Esport teams, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to be involved in the gaming industry.

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