Your Guide to Carnival 2023

Berry Mathew

Your Guide to Carnival 2023

When you go to the world-renowned party known as Carnival in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, prepare to be overwhelmed in a good way by the street parties, music, and costumed celebrations that take over the city and provide entertainment for revelers from all over the planet. This is the one and only biggest event in the entire country of Brazil, and it only happens once a year. 

Come get your fill of colorful costumes, upbeat samba dancing, and delicious food on the Friday before Ash Wednesday and for several days thereafter. Bask in the beautiful streets and beaches that are all surging with energy. Get ready for a memorable experience to check off of your bucket list with the assistance of this guide to Carnival in 2023. 

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The Basics of Rio Carnival 

Rio Carnival hosts over two million visitors parading the streets each year. It extends from the Friday before Ash Wednesday and runs until the following Tuesday. Watch the very best samba schools battle it out musically with thunderous drums and trumpets for a panel of 40 judges to decide the winner. 

Partying During Carnival 

Along with the five days of partying that are to be had in the Sambodromo, the more glamorous masquerade balls take place a day before Carnival, like the Magic Ball in the Copacabana Palace Hotel that offers a lavish experience such as celebrity sightings. But 

The Sambodromo Stadium is the ultimate place to be for entertainment during Carnival, and the most popular blocks during Carnival in Rio de Janeiro are Monobloco, Banda De Ipanema, Carmelitas, and Bloco Do Sargento Pimenta.   

Parades in Rio de Janeiro 

In order to get prepared for the large array of options you will have during your stay in Rio de Janeiro for Carnival, take a peek at these samba parades that take place on an annual basis at the Sambodromo. 

On the first and second days of Carnival is when you will be able to take part in the access group of simpler parades, with twelve samba schools that are competing to win a spot in the Special Group for the following year of Carnival. The first two days of Rio Carnival, in particular, are an excellent choice for people that are coming to Rio de Janeiro on a tight budget but still want to experience the awesome aura of the carnival without overspending. 

On the third and fourth days of Rio Carnival is when the special group puts together Rio de Janeiro’s most coveted samba performances to impress the audiences. This is where you will find the main schools competing with extravagantly fancy costumes and ambitiously decorated floats to add to the exciting atmosphere. 

Honestly speaking, days three and four tend to be more expensive than the previous two days. Keep this in mind when you are planning your trip and when you are putting your spending money aside. 

The champions parade is hosted on the final day of Carnival that showcases performances from the five runner-ups from the special group parades as well as the champion school. This extravaganza is considered one of the top-tier events of Rio Carnival, and it celebrates the closure of the Rio Carnival Samba Parades. This is where you will find a true explosion of flamboyant glamor. 

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Rio Carnival Luggage Storage

Rio de Janeiro luggage storage really comes in handy, so you can have one central place for your belongings other than your hotel room. With all the partying and festivities that you will be partaking in, it is very easy to lose things that you will be concerned about later on. You may be having guests coming in and out of your room. Therefore, with separate reliable storage for your Rio de Janeiro trip, you can party and not have to worry about your belongings getting damaged or stolen. 

Rio Carnival Advice  

Are you wondering where you should stay while you are visiting the capital of Brazil for Carnival? The two most central areas that also are on the safer side of things are Ipanema and Copacabana. No matter where you stay, book your accommodations well enough in advance to save money and have a place to be before they all get booked up. 

Also, try to book particular activities in advance to prevent yourself and your traveling party from getting stuck in long lines. Do your very best to arrive on time because you don’t want to miss any shows. If you are typically more on the conservative side, be prepared 

to get soaked in the rain and avoid traffic congestion by traveling on the local metro. 

Beware of pickpockets during street parties, and don’t bring very valuable items that you would hate to have to get lost while you are dancing. Women should be mindful of traveling with trustworthy friends to look out for each other to prevent unwanted harassment, especially in parties that are already fueled by alcohol as it is.