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HRMS Odisha Login, Download Payslip at hrmsodisha.govt.in


HRMS Odisha Login. HRMS Odisha Govt Registration PAR HRMS Odisha Govt Personal Login, Download Payslip Online from Orissa HRMS.Helpline.


The Government of Odisha has created an online portal for all the employees of the state. The portal is HRMS Odisha, also known as HRMS Odisha Govt and it is meant for many online services for the employees of Odisha.

The Odisha Government has a large number of employees, and it was becoming difficult for the Government to keep up with the ever-increasing burden of providing pay slips on time. Hence, the Government of Odisha came up with the revolutionary idea of providing the payslip to every employee on the official HRMS Portal. (Earlier known as Orissa HRMS)

The Odisha HRMS portal has been specially created to serve the needs of the employees, such as payslips, debts, tax deductions, and other deductions. It also allows employees to provide feedback or lodge complaints.

The official link of the Odisha HRMS Online Portal is hrmsorrissa.gov.in The old and new website links of the Odisha HRMS are given on the bottom of this page.

HRMS Odisha Govt- Overview

hrmsodishagovt.in portal is a dynamic automated system for the human resource management system of the odisha govt employees. The Odisha Government has launched this portal keeping in mind a bigger plan. This revolutionary portal will allow the Government to provide the payslips to employees on time and shift to a greener alternative for generating payslips. The salary slips would no more be provided in print that saving a lot of paper. Moreover, documents stored in e-format takes up lesser space, and it is easier to keep records.

This software will not only keep in mind the betterment of the human resource serving the Odisha Government, but the portal will also be a source of data that format will help in effective data management. There is also a feedback feature in the portal, which will help the Odisha Government to get the honest opinion of the employees.

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Features of the Odisha Government HRMS Portal

Apart from the essential features like the generation of online payslips and updating of employees records, there are many other features of the HRMS Online Portal of Odisha Government. The HRMS Portal is highly versatile and will keep a lot of things in order. The portal will maintain all records which involve the HR department like payslips, recruitment processes, and updates from other departments.

The automated pay management system of the Odisha Government will be a considerable change in the way Government machinery functions. The Government of Odisha ensures the fact that the automation of systems will not only reduce time; it will also reduce human errors. As a result, the unhealthy practices of accepting bribes or corruption can be reduced to a great extent.

The portal comes equipped with a payroll manager that verifies the payslips directly. It keeps a constant record of the working days, the leaves that are applied for, the provident fund, etc. Once the details are ready, the portal will make all required deductions and credit the salary to the employee’s bank accounts.

hrms odisha govt.in personal login  (Step by Step Guide)

Step 1: Browse to the official HRMS Odisha website.

Step 2: Look for the tab for ‘Personal Login’ and click on it. Once you click on it, the login page will open.

Step 3: Enter your HRMS personal ID in the proper data field.

Step 4: Type in the password

Step 5: You will also be required to fill up a security captcha.

Step 6: Check all the data that you have entered.

Step 7: Click on Login.

Step 8: The HRMS portal will open, and you can use it according to your requirement.

It is worth noting that login can be done through user ID and password only. If an employee by chance happens to forget this user ID or password, then it needs to be reset on request. Moreover, the details of login are to be kept confidential as data about salary and recruitments are for personal use only.

HRMS Odisha Payslip Download (Step by Step Process)

Employees can not only view their payslip on the portal, but they can also download and record their pay for future reference. A step by step guide is mentioned below for downloading your salary slip from the Orissa HRMS  Payslip Portal:

Step 1: Visit the official online portal of Odisha HRMS.

Step 2: Find the ‘Personal Login’ tab and click on it. The Login page will open.

Step 3: Enter your HRMS personal ID and your password.

Step 4: You will have to enter the security captcha.

Step 5: Click on Login.

Step 6: Click on request or submission tab to view your payslip

Step 7: Click on HRMS Salary Slip

Step 8: There will be a dropdown menu where you will have to fill in the month and year of the payslip. Select the month and year of the payslip you would like to download for future reference.

Step 9: You can see your payslip on the view tab. If it is the payslip that you want to download, click on the download and print button.

Step 10: Your payslip will be download, and you can keep it for your record.

HRMS Odisha Online Portal Password Recovery Process (Step by Step Guide)

If you forget the password of your login details of the HRMS Odisha Online Portal, you don’t have to worry. The HRMS Online Portal comes equipped with a password recovery system that allows you to recover your password if you have forgotten it.

Follow the steps mentioned below if you want to recover the password of the HRMS Online Portal Login:

Step 1: Open the official HRMS Odisha website.

Step 2: There will be a ‘Personal Login’ tab. Click on that.

Step 3: You will find the forget password option. Click on that.

Step 4: A new page will open where you will have to enter your registered mobile number.

Step 5: Once you have entered your registered mobile number, you will be required to enter your date of birth and security code.

Step 6: Recheck the details and click on the send button.

Step 7: The HRMS password link will be sent to your registered mobile number. Now you can use the link to login to the portal and change your password.

How to Register Your Mobile Number on the Odisha HRMS Online Portal(Step by Step Guide)

It will be very beneficial for you to register your Mobile Number on the Official Portal of HRMS Odisha. Below-mentioned is the step by step process:

Step 1: Open the official website of HRMS Odisha.

Step 2: In the menu, you will find the option of ‘e-services for the employee’.

Step 3: Click on that option and then select the ‘Registration Sign-up’ option.

Step 4: In the new page that opens, enter all the required details as required. Also, enter your mobile number for registration.

Step 5: You will receive an OTP.

Step 6: Enter that OTP in the required field.

Step 7: Select the option of Save.

Step 8: Your mobile number will get registered.


  • A payslip or salary slip is a written document given to an employee on payment of salary, which contains the details of pay categorized under heads like Basic, DA, etc. The deductions are categorized under heads like Income tax, PF, etc.
  • A payslip is a document of utmost importance for every employee, as well as the employer. Since the payslip contains a detailed analysis of the salary paid, it allows the employee to have proper and complete documentation of the payments. At the same time, in case any discrepancy occurs, payslip is the only official document in terms of which disputes are to be resolved.
  • For the employee, payslip is important evidence of his work experience. The payslip from the previous employer is one of the mandatory documents that need to be produced whenever one tries to apply for a new job.
  • Payslip is considered as proof of a person’s source of income. Payslip is mandatory for getting a bank loan for working professionals.
  • Payslip becomes important if any dispute arises regarding the salary or deduction of taxes. In the above cases, the entire judgment depends on the figures in the payslip.
  • While filing an Income Tax return, the payslips are required.


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HRMS Odisha – Help Desk

The HRMS portal will reduce a lot of pressure from the Government of providing payslips on time. However, if still, any problem occurs, one can visit the official address and helpline number:

A-2, 1st floor, ToshaliBhavan,
Satyanagar, Bhubaneswar, Pincode- 751007. Odisha
Mobile Number: +91 8763545188
Office Number: 0674-2598310. (10 Am to 5 Pm on Working Days)
Email ID: [email protected]

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