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SBI E Learning Gyanodaya Portal

SBI E Learning SBI E learning Portal Gyanodaya SBI HRMS Portal, SBI Learning Test & Certificates, SBI Promotion Test. www.mybanklearning.sbi.co.in

State Bank of India has always been a way ahead of all other banks of the country when it comes to new and innovative ways of educating the masses regarding Banks and the Banking Machinery. The bank has been spreading awareness among the masses as well as trying its best to train its employees to work to the best of their abilities.  With a firm belief in fruitful utilization of resources, State Bank of India has come up with the concept of SBI E Learning through SBI Gyanodaya.

What is SBI HRMS Portal?

HRMS stands for Human Resource Management System. In simple language, SBI HRMS is an e learning portal for the employees of the bank to get recent updates and changes in their services so that they could serve their customers more effectively. It is worth mentioning that every employee of the State Bank of India has access to their respective HRMS.

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Benefits of SBI E Learning Portal

The SBI HRMS e learning portal will be very beneficial for the employees as they can keep up with the rapid changes that occur in the fast-developing world of banking.

SBI E-Learning will cater to every employee to help them update their understanding of the HRMS system and the banking services and other services rendered by the bank.

State Bank of India has made gradual and steady changes for their employees in the fields of promotions and services. Earlier, a certification was necessary, but now it has become mandatory. At least one certification in the related field is required for the promotion of a particular bank employee. Through the E Learning Portal of SBI Gyanodaya, employees can quickly learn about the recent developments made by the State bank of India at one place on the go.

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Through  SBI Gyanodaya E Learning Portal, employees can quickly learn about the recent developments made by the State bank of India at one place on the go.

How To Access  the SBI Gyanodaya Portal ?

The employees of the bank must use the user id and password for login. In case any employee does not have a user id or password, he or she can mail the HR Department and obtain the same.

On receiving the user id and password, the login can be done. After successful login, every candidate must undergo the course the State bank of India prescribes to obtain the certification required for promotion.

E Learning Certification:

There will be an online examination at the end of the session. After clearing the exam, the employee will be given the certification required for promotion to the next post else he or she would be asked to retake the course.

How you can log in to SBI Gyanodaya E Learning Portal (Step by Step Process)

Step 1: Browse to the SBI Gyanodaya e-learning portal.

Step 2: When the page opens, from the menu, click on the SBI learning tab.

Step 3: A new page asking for login details, that is, username and password

Step 4: Type in the correct username and password in the proper fields.

Step 5: Recheck the details then click on the sign-in tab.

Step 6: The system will take you to your own SBI e-learning Gyanodaya account.

SBI E Learning Certification:

As mentioned earlier, the certification will be provided on obtaining the minimum marks in the end course examination. A minimum of 1 certificate is required for applying for promotion.

For Award staff:

All the employees working at the counters or associated with field work comes under the category of Award staff. Award staffs need to apply for the courses pertaining to their work profile and attend seminars and workshops to be eligible for the certification examination. They must physically be present for these seminars and workshops.

For Officers:

All officers of grade 1 to 5 come under this category. The online application is required for the certification and training for this category of employees as well. Like award staff, the officers, too, have to appear offline/physically for seminars and exhibitions. This training program allows the officers to grab a better understanding of their roles in the proceedings of the bank. Like any other certification course, all the officers and staffs need to appear for an examination at the end of the course, qualifying in which will allow the candidates to obtain the e-learning certificate.

Education Up gradation

Through the  award winning SBI e learning portal, State Bank of India took the worth initiative appreciation. Through the process of certification, the State Bank of India is continuously educating their employees to be better at what they do. Again, the possibility of promotion is keeping away employees from the stress of continuous job- search, thus retaining valuable employees.


The wellbeing of employees is always a primary concern for nationalized banks like the State Bank of India. The prospect of promotion is a huge factor that keeps employees motivated in his or her job. Moreover, since certifications are compulsory for promotions, SBI is doing the noble work of educating its employees in the process.

Various certifications are required at multiple levels. Employees will be able to check their certification requirements from the SBI Gyanodaya portal.

State Bank Of India Employee level Promotion levels Certificates
Award staff Officer cadre CP-Associate certificate.
Scale officers level 1 Scale level 2 RBI mandated and external certificate.
The scale 2 officers Scale 3 RBI mandated and external certificate.
Scale level 3, 4, 5 officers Level scale 4, 5, 6, Deputy Manager RBI mandated and external certificate.


Types of SBI E Learning Certifications:

Internal certification

When State Bank of India itself offers and runs the certification course, then an internal certification is generated.

The external certification

Certification courses that are offered by external banks like Reserve Bank of India come under the category of external certification. It completely depends on the employee whether he or she wants to undertake the certification course or not. On request from the employee, the bank organizes external certification courses.

Certificate validity

E-Certifications have an expiry date since the topics taught might soon get outdated with the rapidly developing computer science. Employees should check on the tenure before it’s done. Moreover, employees must keep the validity of the certifications and apply for promotions while the certificate is still valid. On failing to do so, the employee will have to retake the certification course before he or she can reapply for promotion.

SBI E-Learning Help Desk & Support

The newly appointed employees of the SBI might be wondering about the E-Learning Platform of SBI (SBI Gyanodaya.  If you have any questions or queries regarding the SBI E-Learning courses, exam, or the certification, then you can contact the official e-mail of SBI E-Leaning Gyanodaya, which is [email protected].

It is a revolutionary initiative taken by the State Bank of India, where the bank employees can develop skills and level up with global banking standards. The employees of SBI can contact the e-learning help desk of the SBI for more details and clarity. For more information about the SBI e learning portal visit the official website of the SBI, www.sbi.co.in

SBI e-learning – FAQ

Q1. What are the benefits of using SBI E-learning Portal?

Answer: SBI e-learning portal updates the new changes and policies of the bank on this platform, and it also updates the changes related to the customer services and makes sure the employees are updated about the frequent changes made by the bank from time to time.

Q2. How Do I Access the E learning portal?

Answer: You can log in to the e-learning portal with the user ID and password provided to you.

If the User ID and Passwords are not provided to you, then you can contact the HR department for User Id and password.

Q3. Is it mandatory to complete the Certification?

Answer: No. It is not mandatory

Q4. Is the E-learning Certificate mandatory for promotion?

Answer: Yes. The employees have to clear the online test to get the certificate, and this certificate is mandatory for promotion.

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